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Easy Halloween Class Treat Ideas

Making class treats is so much fun when they are easy enough for the kids to help. This year, Parker’s class has requested that we sign up to contribute to their Halloween festivities. In true frugal fashion, I have rounded up my favorite easy Halloween class treat ideas from some amazing bloggers!

We are looking forward to picking a few different treats to whip up this Halloween season to impress Parker’s class with. I tried to stick with recipes that had little to no baking so that he could be the head chef of our Halloween party prep session. These ideas are literally so easy a first grader can make them!


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1. Ghost Graham Crackers from This Mama Loves

Graham crackers are super affordable, and I know first hand how much kids love them! Add a bit of white chocolate or even some royal icing, and a touch of black food coloring to whip up these adorable and frugal Halloween treats.


2. Popcorn Hands from Yummy Healthy Easy

These candy corn popcorn hands are so darn cute and incredibly simple. Even better, they would be a nice break from the sugary treats that will command the rest of the day. With a few dollar store accessories like those spider rings, these hands will easily become the class favorite!


3. Pumpkin Pretzel Bites from Two Sisters Crafting

These pretzel bites are adorable and so easy. Make sure you get extra M&M’s if the kids are helping. 😉 Try checking the bulk section of your local grocery store for the mini M&M’s. I am willing to bet that during the Halloween season you will find exactly what you need!


4. Halloween Donut Monsters from One Little Project

Grab a couple 13 packs of glazed donuts at Walmart, a pack or two of vampire teeth, a bag of M&M’s, and put it all together to make this nail-biting treat for the classroom. Easy, affordable, and spooky!


5. Easy Mummy Brownies from Pretty Providence

These mummy brownies are as simple as it gets! Grab some white chocolate and eyeballs and decorate that box mix you just whipped up. I have even been known to use mini chocolate chips for eyes since you know, I’m cheap. It works like a charm.


6. Zombie Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Parenting Chaos

Take advantage of the tail-end of strawberry season and create these ghoulish chocolate covered strawberries! The ingredients are simple, the snack is delicious, and the process is kid-friendly. Talk about a winner!


7. Easy Oreo Spiders from Positively Splendid

Who could resist these nerdy spider cookies? I am in love with how cute they are! These cookies would make a great DIY treat for a Halloween classroom activity. Two uses for the price of one? Yes, please!


8. Spider Web Pretzels from The Joys of Boys

I saw several different versions of spider web pretzels while researching for this post, but Kara’s version is by far my favorite! I love how wispy the web looks, and the addition of the spider rings just tops it off so well!


9. Eyeball Oreo Bites from Real Housemoms

These eyeballs are so gruesome, I wonder if the girls in first grade would eat them! We might give it a try anyway since they are affordable, and can be made ahead of time. If the kids don’t want them, I’m sure I could find someone that would eat an Oreo and cream cheese ball…ahem. Yummy!


9. Bloody Bandaid Cookies from Slap Dash Mom

These grody band-aid cookies are so nasty that they make me want to squeal! Can you imagine the delight of an elementary classroom as they decide whether or not they should eat a dirty band-aid? I can’t wait to see it!


10..DIY Baloon Pumpkin Patch from Hostess With The Mostest

Using a balloon as a treat bag is genius. This would make a really great last-minute snack for the kids at school!


Simple Halloween Treat Ideas For Kids

I really love being able to make memories that are fun and care-free. By choosing simple recipes that my kids can participate in creating, we are able to have a blast and tick one more task off of our to-do list. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Make sure to check out some great Halloween dinner ideas so that your kiddos don’t get a tummy ache from all sugar and no nutrition. Also, do me a favor? Share these easy Halloween treat ideas with your friends!


If you are participating in a Halloween Party at school this year, you need these awesome and easy Halloween Treat ideas! They are so simple that my first grader can make them. Simple Halloween, Fun Halloween, Happy kids? Sounds like a recipe for spooky and festive fall fun!



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