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Should You Give eBay Another Shot?

eBay has a long-standing reputation as an “online garage sale”, but in the last few years they have really stepped up to the plate. As always, there are a ton of used treasures waiting to be bought at rock-bottom prices, but there is also a massive selection of new items. I want to share some pretty exciting changes that eBay has made recently, making them one of my all-time favorite shopping sites!



A little bit of my history: Before I started this blog, I was actually a seller on Amazon and eBay. I have done my fair share of transactions from both sides. This also means that I have spent hours upon hours scouring the web and compared many of the top websites on a day-to-day basis. I had quite a few myth-busting moments while I was a reseller! I only gave it up because I don’t have the time now, which is totally understandable, right?!


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eBay Guaranteed Delivery

In order to keep up with our fast-moving world, eBay announced a three day guaranteed delivery in November of 2017. In their words:

“Now, U.S. customers can count on receiving gifts and other select items they purchase on eBay in three days or less, with no membership required (ahem).”

This is a game changer people! More than 23 million items are included in this guaranteed delivery program. It’s amazingly simple to find these items on the eBay website too. They have integrated a toggle switch right next to the search bar. All you have to do is click on it, and every item that is shown from that point on will hit your door in three days or less. Fast and affordable home decor? Wahoo!


eBay Money Back Guarantee

I’ve noticed that when I mention eBay to my friends and family, they still think of it as a risky place to buy. Since eBay originally started out as an auction site, the quality control was basically non-existent. However, with the rise of sites like Amazon, they have had to compete with their customer service and make sure that every buyer is happy. Which is why they now have a Money Back Guarantee.

You can read the full policy here, but the basic gist is that if you receive an item that doesn’t match the listing or your item never comes, you can contact the seller for a return. If the seller flakes, eBay steps in to mediate the situation. This isn’t a “no-questions-asked” policy, but if you are being honest and not trying to rig the system, you shouldn’t have any problems buying through eBay. I’ve spoken with many eBay sellers, and it’s pretty common knowledge that eBay almost always sides with the customer. The last thing a seller wants is to get a bad rating, so rest assured that the customer service is comparable, and often more personal than other sites can offer.


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eBay Deals Hub

eBay has tons of products at low prices every day, but they also have a designated section to find the best deals on top name brand items called “eBay Deals Hub“. This is similar to Amazon’s Flash Sales, and I have actually seen the same items on both sites before. This is a really great place to check when you are looking for an expensive item, but you aren’t set on a specific brand. Deals hub even has a designated section for home & garden. If you shop from your room plan list, you can score some incredible deals, sometimes paying only pennies on the dollar!


eBay Price Match Guarantee

Even if you find the deal item cheaper on a competitor’s website, eBay will price match it. This guarantee rolled out in 2017, and it is such a great way to save. I would use this if the competitor didn’t offer free shipping, or if you don’t have a membership to the competitor’s site. I would also consider this if TopCashBack or Ebates was offering more cash back for buying through eBay than the other site. You may end up getting an even lower price after all is said and done.

Amazon.com, BestBuy.com, Walmart.com, HomeDepot.com, Target.com, Sears.com, Wayfair.com, or Jet.com are all sites that eBay will price match. Just head to this page to learn how to get the lower price and roll in the savings. 


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The “Watch” Function

Alright, so this isn’t completely related to eBay’s buying policies, but it is relevant. I have been trying really hard to create a cohesive home. This means I plan everything before I start buying. eBay’s watch feature on their mobile app makes that super easy to do. I can hop on and look for antiques, rugs, home decor that is used or new. I can always find whatever I might be looking for to create my space. Not to mention, it’s on my phone which is super convenient!

This research gives me an idea of what I would pay for a new item. It also might give me an idea of what my budget should be for buying used. Sometimes I would rather shop a thrift store or yard sale for the item. Knowing what similar items run for allows me to include that cost in my overall mood board design. This method works great for all kinds of projects, not just room makeovers.

Another perk of watching an item is that if the item price decreases, you will receive a notification. So while you are in your planning stages, you might end up scoring a great deal! You can even tweak the system to alert you when an item falls below a specific price(aka a price drop). This is super helpful for those “would love to have, but” items.


Start Shopping eBay for Great Deals!

What it all boils down to is that eBay has come a really long way. They originally began in 1995, but they are maintaining their standing as one of the greatest online shopping platforms. I am a complete fan!

By stepping up to compete with their competitors, eBay has started offering the consumer more perks than ever before. Now, eBay is one of my main starting points when shopping for my home, and why not? Who doesn’t want great deals on home stuff?

What do you think? Are you also an eBay shopper? Do you want to see for yourself? Check out the deals hub now!



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