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Frugal Shopping Tips

Scoring the best deal while shopping is an important part of being frugal.
I want to make the most of our money so that it can go to better places, like paying off our debt. Because of this, I have learned how to really scour the internet in order to find the best deals on everything that we buy. These are my favorite frugal shopping tips that help me splurge while on a budget.


Save money shopping online by using these simple shopping tips, from rebate apps to frugal shopping tactics.



1. Check eBay

One of the first things I do before I buy anything online is check eBay for a deal. It is so easy to save by buying used or refurbished items. eBay also runs daily deals that are up to 70% off. I bought my phone refurbished, my DSLR camera used and found my sewing machine and GoPro through the daily deals for a deep discount. If I buy anything smaller than a diaper box, I do a bit of digging on eBay first! Check out what is on sale today.


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2. Buy Last Year’s Model

Have you ever bought something that was brand new, and found that it is just as glitchy as the last version? From cars to cameras to cell phones, buying last year’s model will save you a considerable amount. Save some serious cash by not jumping on the next hot thing. Bonus: You might escape the “beta” testing that early adopters often go through. 


3. Consider Budget Brands

Rather than buying “the best of the best” right away, consider shopping around. Compare all price point options and decide whether the extra cost of the high-end brand is warranted before making a purchase. Often, the extra cost is only there because of company marketing and branding costs rather than quality and features.


4. Wait For A Sale Before Buying

Once you know what you are looking for, start watching for a sale on it. Choose your top two or three stores, and join their mailing list to be alerted to sales. If you plan to buy on Amazon, set up alerts through Keepa.com. Saving your money until a sale comes around is a great way to maximize your budget. When you can get more for less money, it’s a win-win!


5. Buy A Discounted Gift Card To Make Your Purchase

Buying discounted gift cards is one of my favorite tips! I have used Raise a lot in the past, and it is amazingly simple. Buy a card for less money than its face value, then use it to make your purchase! Some of these cards are physical so make sure to plan if your card will come in the mail. On the flip side, you can buy the e-cards while waiting in line if you want to! Join Raise with my link and get $5 for free.


6. Leverage Subscriber Promo Codes

While shopping, there will be opportunities to snag some savings by joining the site’s email newsletter. Take advantage of these promotions! You can always unsubscribe after receiving the code. If it’s a retailer that I only shop once or twice a year, I unsubscribe.

Bonus: There will probably be another bonus promotion at the same store the next time you come to shop.


7. Use A Rebate App

Always double check for rebates before making your purchase. TopCashBack and Ebates, which are both free to use. Often times, TopCashBack has a higher rebate than Ebates, but Ebates is much more convenient due to their Chrome App. Both rebate sites will alert you of any coupon codes that are not exclusive to email subscribers, so no worries about scouring the web for coupon codes or using another tool for that. I would recommend comparing the rates on Ebates and Topcashback to get the best deal every time.

Join Ebates and get $10 free | Join TopCashBack


Save Money Shopping Online

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to save money while shopping online. If you must make a purchase, at least spend as little as possible. Do your homework, utilize your resources and score a great deal! Don’t forget to sign up today so that you don’t miss out on the free money for Ebates, TopCashBack, and Raise.


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Check out these shopping hacks for saving money while shopping online and in the store. The best tips and tricks for frugal living.

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