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The Best Gifts For Mompreneurs

Being a mom is hard. Being a businesswoman is hard. Putting them together and trying to balance it all is insane! When the time comes to give your mompreneurs a gift, think past the norm and try giving her a gift that will be functional, fun, and meaningful.

Here are seven gifts that I would love to receive! They would help me unwind, refocus, and move forward in a powerful way in my business and self.

If you have wandered onto this page thinking that maybe you need to treat yourself, go for it! 😉 There’s no judgment here, and all of these gifts were chosen with a budget in mind. 


What in the world does your wife want as a gift? What will really help her relax and reset, without breaking the bank? What gift would mom cherish while using everyday? Here are seven great gift ideas for mom that will help her as a mompreneur. #giftguideformom #mompreneurgiftideas #bossmomgiftguide #giftideasforwomen


1. Professional Massage

A good massage is the epitome of relaxation. I can’t think of a single woman that wouldn’t love to receive a professional massage as a gift! Taking a break is a really important way to make sure that productivity stays in peak condition. Burn out doesn’t do anyone any good!

Yep, hop onto Groupon and splurge on a budget for this one. And don’t forget to be available to babysit! Never used Groupon? Join here.


2. Mani-Pedi

While you’re over on Groupon, make it a spa day and grab a mani-pedi. It’s amazing how good it feels to have pretty fingers and toes! Bonus points for this one if mom works outside the home. Peep toe heels and a nice handshake can go a long way! Not to mention the confidence boost that she will get from looking at pretty nails all day long. 


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3. Ipsy Subscription

Self-esteem is a huge factor in whether a person finds success in the business world. Most of this comes from the inside, but feeling good on the outside helps that confidence grow. This company sends a small bag of makeup every month so that the woman in your life can try different brands and colors. Not only is it fun, but it is practical and cost efficient! Learn more here.


4. Motivational Prints

No matter how positive a person is, reading affirmations every day is very important. Constant reminders of who you want to be, why you work so hard, and what’s waiting for you at the end of all this hard work will help keep you motivated and lead to success!

Choose a few inspirational quotes to hang up that will keep that spark lit in your mompreneur!


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5. A Customized Notebook

Who wouldn’t Iove a notebook that is custom made to fit into their home? I know I would! I have a photo ledge that I use to display my home binders, and they all have a custom collage on the front. Create your own notebook cover or binder cover for mom by printing out a personalized collage. Functional, frugal, and fabulous!


6. Living Well Planner

It’s not often that you find a company that is dedicated to helping you balance it all, but this one does. By using the Living Well Planner, I have a way to get everything out of my head and onto paper. This planner is designed to use time blocking, so it was a no-brainer for me!


7. Frixion pens

These pens are rumored to be the best pens ever for planners. They are multi-colored and erasable. They are on my own wish list, but a few of my favorite bloggers rave about them, including Ruth Soukup, and Rosemarie Groner. If those two approve, I am sure I will too!



7. Laptop Bag

One thing is for sure: moms are busy. Since I became a mompreneur, I find myself working in the strangest places. At the park, while my car is being serviced, you name it. Any moment where I won’t be taken from my kids but can get something done, I take. Having a laptop bag is a really simple way to keep all of the stuff mom might need in order to work, all together and ready to grab! Here are a few of my favorites:



8. A Branded Photo Shoot

I can tell you one thing, it is hard to make a brand cohesive when you need new photos at every turn. If I were to ask for anything at this point, I would probably ask for a photo shoot that is all about my business. I would get a photographer that could take some flat lays for graphics, portraits of me in all of my elements, and a few awesome family shots so that if something came up where I needed a nice picture, I’d have one! This is a great guide about how to get started finding a photographer. I’m hoping to do this for my business in the next couple of months!



An Affordable Gift Guide For Mompreneurs

Being a business owner can be a lonely uphill battle. Make sure that your woman knows that she has your support in every way by giving her something that isn’t just nice, but highlights the fun side of being a businesswoman. All of these are affordable, yet meaningful gifts that a mompreneur would love.

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